Your course or tuition fees will vary depending on the course you are studying, 你参加的单位和你的公民身份.

课程费用包括你的单元费用, but not the cost of 教科书 or other materials and equipment required. 你可能还需要支付以下费用:

  • 学生服务及设施费用
  • 教科书
  • 实地考察旅行
  • 实验室设备,如实验室外套和安全护目镜
  • 印刷及影印
  • compliance requirements for your course, such as immunisations and police checks.

If you are studying externally you might need to attend mandatory on-campus sessions for some units, so you’ll want to factor in the cost of travelling to Murdoch and accommodation if necessary.


You're considered a domestic student at Murdoch if you are an 澳大利亚公民或永久居民, a 新西兰公民 或者拿着 澳大利亚永久人道主义签证.

As a domestic student, the fees you pay will depend on your enrolment. 你可以和我们一起计算出你的单价 费用计算器.

如果你是澳大利亚公民, 永久居民, 新西兰公民, 或永久人道主义签证持有人, 你可能有资格获得联邦资助名额.

Being enrolled in a 英联邦资助名额 means that your fees will be subsidised by the Australian Government.

You may also be eligible for a HECS-HELP loan which will allow you to defer your student contribution.

了解更多 英联邦支持的名额和帮助贷款

如果你没有资格获得联邦资助名额, your course fees will not be subsidised by the Australian Government. 这意味着你需要支付全部的费用.

You may still be eligible for the Australian Government’s Higher 教育 Loan Program (HELP), 这样你就可以推迟支付学费了.

了解更多 帮助贷款

如果你是澳大利亚公民, 永久居民, or 新西兰公民 studying a graduate research degree you are likely to be awarded a 研究 Training Program (RTP) place.

This means you will have no tuition fees to pay for a period of time, usually between 3 and 3.5年.

If you have an RTP place and have not completed your research within the set time, you may be charged domestic tuition fees for the additional period it takes to complete your course.

If you are not awarded an RTP place then you will pay domestic tuition fees.

For more information on the 研究 Training Program contact the 研究生研究室


As an international student, your fees will depend on where you are studying. 你可以和我们一起计算出你的单价 费用计算器.

You're an international student if you hold or are applying for a 学生, 外交, 桥接, 临时 or 临时居民 签证,还是一个 新西兰永久居民.

Your Letter of Offer will contain an estimated annual tuition fee based on 24 points.

Your tuition fees are unit-based for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, 并根据学习的分数和面积计算.

The tuition fee rate is adjusted to the rate of inflation in the education sector each year. 如果你改变课程, your fee rate will be reassessed and you will pay the fee rate for the new course for that year.

If your visa status changes this may affect your fee rate so it is important that you advise Murdoch of any change as soon as possible.

If you’re an exchange student from one of our official partner universities, you will continue to pay your tuition fees to your home university while studying at Murdoch. 向你所在的大学查询学费信息.

对于所有其他学生, 2021年留学学费为6美元,900 for either 3 units (9 Murdoch credit points) or 4 units (12 Murdoch credit points). 一些单元的豁免适用.


Sometimes circumstances change and you are no longer able to take up your place at Murdoch. In some cases, you may be eligible for a refund or partial refund. If you’re receiving a scholarship or financial aid, please check with your lending institution to learn about any policies that may apply if you request a refund.







如果你参加了OUA 英联邦资助名额,你的 学费将由澳大利亚政府补贴. You may also be eligible for a HECS-HELP loan which will allow you to defer your student contribution.

If you are not enrolled in an OUA 英联邦资助名额, 当你注册时,你的费用将被收取 澳大利亚开放大学.

If you’re studying individual units at Murdoch instead of a full course leading to a qualification your fees will be charged at the full rate and must be paid in advance.

这些单位不受英联邦支持, so the cost will be higher than for the same units undertaken as part of an undergraduate degree. 研究生 full fee paying units are charged at the same cost as units taken within a degree.

您的费用可以延期到a FEE-HELP贷款 if you are studying a bridging course for overseas trained professionals.

If you are studying Murdoch units for credit towards a course at another Australian institution, your fees will be charged in line with your enrolment at your home university.

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